Byron Pope Speed of Light Jazz Band


where all wisdom exist and in the process reveal  how to eat, exercise, meditate and have long life consciousness to higher awareness.  The  masters of music long ago (in the ancient world of Africa), created  songs for every mood.  Why then in this time music is only for shaking ones rump?  To understand that there are music scales that can raise the mind (and the body), above the physical state of mind is to recognize Universal laws of harmony and that is the base of Speed of Light.  The world is in a stage of upheaval in nature and in Humans.  Catastrophic events are unfolding in every form and fear is reigning everywhere.  There is a need for  vibrations to change the mental and physical state away from diabolical

manifestations.  Music was God’s tool and it seems to be misused in today’s world.  Not so with SPEED OF LIGHT JAZZ.

Living music is brain simulation and can reach the invisible worlds



Juan Carlos Hernandez